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Pure Balance

Massage Therapy

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Massage Services and Fees

Therapeutic Massage :

30 minute session - $35.00

60 minute session - $60.00

90 minute session - $85.00

A therapeutic massage typically focuses on your major areas of pain or concern for the session such as the back and neck areas. A session may include any of the following massage modalities: deep tissue, swedish, myofascial release, sports massage, or trigger point massage. The pressure during a session can be adjusted to your comfort level. A full body treatment can also be done with less focus on any one area.

Thai Massage :

60 minute session - $65.00

90 minute session - $90.00

120 minute session - $115.00

A typical Thai massage session incorporates deep, rhythmic palm compression, passive yoga-like stretches, and accupressure. The client stays fully clothed and the massage is done on a comfortable mat on the floor. After a Thai massage, one can expect to feel relaxed yet energized. Thai massage is great for anyone and can help improve flexibility and range of motion. It also helps to loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, increase energy, and helps to detoxify the muscles and organs of the body. The goal of Thai massage is to balance the entire body, mind, and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage: 

90 minute session - $100.00

A hot stone massage session is done on the table using organic massage oil and essential oils of your choice. The session begins with the placement of stones on large muscle groups and areas of greater stress and tension. As the heat from the stones begins to relax the muscles, the massage begins with a facial massage. The hot stones are used throughout the entire session and act as an extension of the therapist's hands. This allows you to feel a constant warmth throughout the entire massage session. It is important to let the therapist know if the stones are ever too warm as they can burn the skin. So please don't be shy! Always let your therapist know if you are ever uncomfortable. 

Raindrop Therapy ;

90 minute session: $100.00

 A Raindrop Therapy treatment incorporates the use of several essential oils and is applied to the feet, neck, and back. Using specific techniques with the oils helps the body to relax and be released from physical and/or emotional pain. A Raindrop Therapy session can also help to detoxify the body. The oils used are: Valor (oil blend) thyme, oregano, peppermint, basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress, and Aroma Seize (oil blend).

The oils used can be changed in order to deal with

specific problems.

Chiropractic Services and Fees

Spinal Manipulation/Adjustment

$ 35.00 


45 minute treatment

$ 60.00 

New Patient Evaluation

aporximately 60 minutes

$ 60.00

Cranial Sacral Therapy

60 minute treatment


Esthetic Services and Fees

Skin Consultation - A closer look at your skin to determine the proper treatment for your skin type.

                 15 minutes


(Consultation fee is waived if service is booked)

Anti-Aging Facial - For dry, mature skin types. Helps to brighten, firm and hydrate while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

60 minute treatment


Clarifying Facial - For acne-prone, combo skin types. Deeply cleanses to minimize pores, treats and heals breakouts.

60 minute treatment


Sensitive Skin Facial - For dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin types. Calming and soothing while treating skin for future irritation.

60 minute treatment


Customized Facial - Tailored to your specific skin care concerns and needs. Best for first time facials.

60 minute treatment


90 Minute treatment


Mini Dermaplane Facial - Short but sweet treatment including cleanse, skin analysis, dermaplaning and finishing products.

30 minute treatment


Dermplaning Add-In - Enhance any facial service with a deeper exfoliation.


Back Facial - All the benefits of a facial but for your back! Includes Gua Sha massage tools to increase blood flow and circulation and also helps boost your immune system.

60 minute treatment


Fanny Facial - Same as the back facial but for your rump! Gua Sha massage tools are also used in this service. Leave with your fanny glowing and lifted!

60 minute treatment


Back and Fanny Facial Combo - Get both areas treated all at once!

90 minute treatment


Lash Extensions

Initial Application


Lash Extensions

Fill In


Waxing Services

 Brow Wax...……….. $10.00

Lip Wax...…………… $8.00

Chin Wax...…………. $8.00

 Full Face Wax...…..$20.00

 Underarm Wax...… $20.00

 Bikini Wax...………..$35.00

 Brazilian Wax...…..$60.00

 Back Wax...………… $45.00

 Chest Wax …………..$45.00